In light of the recent changes from the data protection act, we have reviewed our personal data protection policy.  Although no change have needed to be made, we thought it best to remind you of the information we take, what we do with it and also to let you know why we take it along with your rights. 

What information do we take?


1) Full Name

2) Mobile Number

3) Address

4) Date Of Birth

5) Doctors Details

6) Next Of Kin

7) Medical Details

8) Dependants
9) Email Address (if you choose to give it)


Why do we take this information?


The information gathered is required for your safety. Therapies are totally safe when performed by a professional therapist. However certain contra-indications may require your GP's consent/ assessment. 


Next of kin and dependant’s details are taken in the case of emergency.  This is so the emergency services can let your next of kin know and to ensure that your dependants are safe. 


Mobile numbers are taken so that we can contact you if we need more information, to re-arrange your appointment due to sickness or to return your call. 


Mobile numbers can also be used to send out our free text reminders, but this is an OPT IN service rather than an OPT OUT.  We will ask you for your consent to this.  You will not automatically be added to our free appointment reminder service. 

Email addresses are taken so that we can send you a gift voucher for £10 on your birthday as a little thank you for your support.  Email addresses are also used to email you a GP consent form sent form and to remind you of your appointment.


How long do we keep the information? 


We keep the information we hold from you for a period of 7 years of inactivity, this is in line with our legal and insurance policies. 


What do we do with the information?


Your details are sensitive, and we respect that.  Your information is collected so that we can ensure your treatments are safe to perform and to contact you if necessary (for non-marketing, see below, purposes unless you OPT IN).  The information is stored on our salon iq salon software program which is encrypted.  We do not pass on this information to 3rd parties and the information given remains the property of the salon. 

Only the staff who work at Sage Beauty have access to your files, which are only to be accessed for the purpose of appointments, billing and completing your salon treatment. 


If you email us or send us a message via social media, your message is deleted straight away except for if it concerns collecting an item or booking an appointment, then it is deleted when you attend.  We do not store email information in our email providers contact list.




We offer an OPT in policy.  This means that you will not automatically be added to our special offer system, free £10 gift voucher or our free appointment reminder service.   We will always ask for your consent.

Text/Email reminders:  We know how hectic life can be, so make to it easier we can send out an email reminder the week before your appointment and a text reminder, 2 days before your appointment.  This is a free service and is for your convenience only.

Email: We also offer you a £10 voucher on your birthday.  This is free and is our way of giving you a little thank-you for your support.  The only condition is it must be used within 1 month of your birthday.  There is no minimum spend and can be used as part payment.

Priority Booking List:  Gemma can send you an SMS from her personal mobile phone, to let you know of the months exclusive offers, 1 week before social media hears about it.  This is to let our loyal customers have the chance to book early for these special offers.  To be added to this list, you need to text her your number and your name and asked to be added.  You must be a client of the salon already.  You will not be automatically be added to this list.


Your rights


You have the right to request a copy of all the information we hold for you.  This request will be done within 1 month of the request and is FREE of CHARGE.


You have the right to OPT OUT of any of our services at any time, with immediate effect.


You have the right to request that your details are deleted at any time.  We can apply for this to be done.  We also offer an archive service, which means that you can be hidden from the system until a time that suits you.  The choice is yours.


What happens now?


You don’t have to do anything. All your data is secured safely on our encrypted system. 


For anymore information about GDPR please do not hesitate to contact us on 01427 613239

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